Although inviting guests online is widely practiced, nothing beats being able to touch, feel and smell the paper used in letters and wedding invites.

A custom return address stamp is very trendy and valuable for addressing your wedding invitations, save-the-dates and thank you cards. It saves you printing time and is cheaper than hiring a calligraphy artist. Most of all, you can create a lovely, personalized design just for you and you can use it over and over again.

Here are creative wedding stamp ideas that are perfect for letting people know about your special day.

1. Vintage or Rustic

Vintage or rustic stamp designs have elaborate borders with old-fashioned elements that are set to take you back in time. If you have a country-style wedding, then having this romantic flair in your invitations is right for you.


2. Embossed

You can have your design customized and have them embossed. It’s a formal and traditional solution when addressing your invitation cards but you can add your own twist when it comes to how it looks.

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3. Modern Fonts

If you have a modern wedding, nothing says your edgy than mixing a script font with a serif font. It may not be the usual classical font, but it’s just as elegant and distinctive. This is a kind of print that your guests will remember.


4. Modern Initials

Want to take your modern invitation to another level? Use initials instead. They look sophisticated and mysterious as if you started your own company as a couple. The possibilities are endless.

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5. Handwritten

If you want a more personal touch, have it handwritten before turning it into a rubber stamp. It may look informal but it’s honest and reflects you and your partner’s personality. Your friends and family will love it.


6. Custom Portrait

Now it’s time to get creative. Don’t limit yourself to just words; you can add some drawings to your return address label starting with a custom portrait of you as a couple. It’s up to you if you want a realistic caricature or an abstract one.


7. House Drawing

You’re going to live in one soon anyway, might as well add a house to your return address stamper. It’s a cute element that will entice your friends and family to send that RSVP letter right away.


8. Animal Drawing

Everyone is a fan of these furry friends. Whether it’s a bear, dog, cat, or fox, or even insects and chickens, you can choose your favorite animal to add to your self-inking rubber stamp. It will capture the hearts of those who receive it, that’s a guarantee.



9. Airplane

Are the two of you adventurers, travelers or work in the travel industry? Then you would enjoy putting an airplane graphic on your invitations. So would your guests, because everyone can relate to airplanes taking them to a faraway place. It’s a very romantic idea.


10. Coffee

Did you two meet at a coffee shop? Or are you both coffee lovers? Whether it’s a latte or espresso, coffee art will represent your steamy and heart-pumping love affair. So put your brew on paper to perk up your return address design.






11. Arrow

Just one or two or more, an arrow is what cupid used to pierce the heart to make people fall in love. It is also an element that serves as a boundary to your design. Not sure? I think the arrows will point you in the right direction.


12. Calligraphy Wreath

A circle symbolizes eternity; very fitting for a wedding that’s bound to last forever. Delicate leaves and other nature inspired patterns are great for this.


13. Floral

From daisies to roses and everything in between, everything fits well with a floral selection. Great for both traditional and modern themed weddings, it’s very flexible because the choices are endless.


14. Banner Ribbon

Ribbons are a staple to any ceremony and they are well-known ornaments, so why not use it? There are also many ways to tie it into your design so you won’t run out of ideas.


15. Typography

Who would have known that putting different fonts and sizes together creates an interesting and appealing design? Give it a try, you can even use a simple program like Microsoft Word and you might just be surprised at the nice outcome.


16. Brackets or Parentheses

These elements are not just for proper grammar, but they act as a classical border to your return address custom rubber stamp. If you want more than just letters and words, you can do away with brackets.


17. Future Mr. & Mrs.

Celebrate your soon-to-be life together with a future Mr. and Mrs. pre-inked stamp. Put it at the front or back of the envelope, it’s up to you. If you’re a guest, this is also a good wedding gift idea. Remove the “future” of course.


18. Map

Here’s another ingenious way to design the self-inking stamp for your return address: with a map outline or background of your state. It can have a vintage appeal that would match your wedding theme.


19. Heart

What better way to announce your romantic wedding than with a heart design on your invites, add it to your self-inking address stamp for that extra love. Whether big or small, it’s a heartfelt element that can’t be missed.


20. Bride and Groom

Since wedding portraits are not yet available, this will do. It’s cute and lovable, and having a personalized design is great as a bridal gift.


21. Ring

Wedding rings are slipped through the fingers of the bride and groom to symbolize the life that they will spend together, in richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death. Why not show the devotion that you have for one another in your return address stamp design and let your wedding invitations shine!




There you have it. I hope you have more than enough ideas to get you started. Whatever it is that you chose, you can easily turn into personalized address stamps. It’s a fast, affordable and unique way to style your wedding invitations. You can order them as pre-inked stamp so it’s quick to use.

Have you had your return address customized? Share your experience with us.

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