There are everyday things that make our lives easier, and one of them is the address and name stamper. With these, you can personalize your stationeries, envelopes, documents, invitations and more. Read on to find out about the different ways to use address and name stampers.


Types of Address and Name Stamper

There are 3 main types of address and name rubber stampers. The first is the wood stamp, which has a wooden handle and a separate inking pad. The second is the Self-inking stamp. Its rubber face rotates to an internal ink pad, which is great for fast and repetitive stamping. The pre-inked stamp doesn’t rotate because the stamp itself is pre-inked. Though it is more expensive, the print appears clearer and it can make more impressions.

Sample Designs for Address Stamps

Custom stamps can have as many lines of text as long as the design will fit into the stamp. Aside from the address, you can also include the last name, birth date, surname and phone number.

Here are simple, professional and creative designs for address stamps depending on where you’ll use it. There are many more to choose from when you look at your stamp store.













Sample Designs for Name Stamps

The possibilities are endless. Here are beautiful name stamp design ideas that you could use on different occasions.

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Return Address Stamp as the Fitting Closing Gift

Now we are at the first use of the return address stamp, and one of them is to give them out as a gift. If you work in the real estate industry, giving it as a closing gift is the best way to make a lasting impression on your clients. They are moving to a new home, and a well-designed address stamp is the perfect way to make them feel just right at home. They will be very happy and excited to use your house warming gift.


Why is a custom address stamp the best closing gift? First of all because it will set you apart from other real estate agents; it is a unique way to tell your client that you’re thanking them for choosing you as their agent. Plus, you can add a custom message or your personal logo, company name and contact information on the handle of the stamp, which also works as a marketing strategy. When your client’s visitors see it, they will ask about you the giver.

Second, it’s a gift that you’re sure your client will use and not leave lying around. Since they just moved to a new abode, they need to stamp their new return address in packages and envelopes. They also need to inform their friends and family about their new address, so they will send change address letters using the address stamp of course. Again, people will ask about the return address print and your client will tell them that it’s from a stamp given by his real estate agent. It increases your exposure to more potential clients.

Lastly, no matter what type of address stamp, it can make many impressions and it will last for a long time. It is customary that you include the name and new address of your client, but you can change the design and content as you see fit. Once the Hand stamp is pressed, the client will be pleased to see his details on paper or envelope. A personalized address stamp will really make wonders to all your business relationships.

More uses for Address Stamps

• Housewarming gift. Even if you’re not a realtor, it would be great to give it to your friend who recently transferred to a new home
• Wedding Gift. It’s a fresh gift that newly- weds will appreciate.
• Christmas Gift. Aside from mugs and pens, Address stamps give a new twist to the holiday season.


Uses for Name Stamps

• Signing of documents. Instead of getting a calligraphy pen and signing every page of a document, stamping makes it many times faster and easier.
• Greeting cards. Make a statement by signing your greeting cards with a creative name stamp.
• Wedding invitations. Add a personal touch to your wedding invites. You can even use it on your wedding giveaway packaging as well.
• Save the date cards.
• Gift Tags.
• Labeling food and other items you own for shared setting like the pantry in the office.
• Name labels for your children’s clothes and uniforms.

Only your imagination is the limit. Whatever the occasion, you will find many uses for name stamps.

Proper Way to use a Rubber Stamp

Many people make the mistake of using the rubber stamps in any way like pushing it very hard, without knowing the right way to do it. Even if you have dipped it into the ink pad and then press it on a piece of paper, the result can be a light and blurred imprint. It will leave you wondering how that could happen, when you have pressed hard enough. And the frustrating part is when you did it again and you’re not satisfied with the result.
So what should you do to get a good stamp impression?

• If you’re using a wood stamp, you should invest in quality ink pad and ink refill.
• Lightly press the stamp on the ink pad many times instead of hard pressing it.

Try stamping again and you will notice the huge difference.


How to Care for Rubber Stamps

There are also good practices when it comes to cleaning and storing your stamps after use, to keep it in good condition.

• Wipe the surface of the stamp with wet wipes; make sure they are alcohol-free. Once in a while, brush the surface with a toothbrush.
• For separate ink pads, store it upside down so the ink stays at the surface.
Do this and your stamp impression will look like it’s brand new even after many years.
What happens if you don’t take care of your stamps? The result will be the following:
• Blurry and grainy impression
• Dark spots when you stamp
• Transferring of ink colour from stamp to new stamp pad
So you better make tiny efforts now to care for your stamps rather than regret it later.




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