Finding a way to brand you new business is always difficult. When you start up a business, you are short on funds and are always looking forward to spending money on things that really matter the most. So while you try to keep the expenses low, try getting your hands on custom hand stamps.


Hand stamps allow you a chance to brand your business while staying within the set budget. Moreover they don’t force you to choose between quality and quantity. Traditional hand stamps available in the market are an economical option that can fulfill your custom stamping need. Hand stamps come with a sturdy wooden handle to have better control and comfort.

Moreover, custom hand stamps are perfect for personal as well as business use and are available in a variety of colors, size and shape. So with custom stamps, you can stamp everything from business cards, to address and from thank you cards to packaging and social inserts.

Business cards

Save your money by making your own business cards. You can include the logo of the company, name, title, contact information, website name and everything else that you think is important. Hand stamps offer you full control over the design and thus you can create a business card that reflects your professional reputation and personality.

As an online business owner, you can construct colorful business card that represents your business. On one side of the card, you can feature your business logo and on the other side, you can give out other important information. Also you can add colors to keep the business card consistent with the business color theme.

Thank you card

As a token of appreciation, you can offer thank you card to your customer purchasing your services. Create your own custom stationary with the help of custom hand stamps. Instead of hand written than you cards, you can opt for the stamps. The customer will really like the thought behind it and will come back to shop more.

Insert social handles

You can also create a custom rubber stamp featuring the information of your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media handle you are currently active on. Therefore instead of writing the same information again and again, you can stamp away the work.

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