Do you know the difference that separates rubber, foam and clear stamps? Each of these stamps has different properties, is manufactured using different materials and knowing these differences will help ensure you achieve the best results.

The biggest difference that separates rubber address stamp from clear stamp is that the latter are see through stamps which allows a person to look right through the stamp and see what exactly is going to be stamped. However with rubber stamp, you will only be able to see the stamp image that is required to be stamped on the paper.

signature stamps

Moreover, clear stamps are stickier than rubber signature stamps and it requires a clear acrylic block for the stamp to cling together. However with rubber stamps, you need some kind of mounting system to use the stamps. But if you choose to have unmounted stamps, you need to have some means of holding the stamp.

When it comes to actual stamping, out of the three, you will find stamping of rubber stamps to be the best. Rubber stamps show the best details while with acrylic stamps you can certain realistic images. However with foam stamps, you do not get any kind of detailing as the image is printed as one. Foam stamp images are a bit softer without any defined edges.

Another difference that separates the three is the kind of material used to make them and its durability. Rubber is the most durable material and if proper care is taken they can last a lifetime. However, with clear stamps there are some things you need to be steer clear of. You should remember that all acrylic stamps are not created equal. High and low quality of stamps exists. If you are getting your hands on poor quality of clear stamps, it will harden over time; however, the situation is not same with high quality acrylic stamps.

The final difference that separates the three kinds of stamps is related to durability. While all the three stamps can be used with common medium, rubber specialty stamps allows better techniques as opposed to others.

So now that you know all the difference, get your hands on the right kind of stamps for business and personal use.

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