Whenever we think to save the time at functions, mainly in a larger scale event, it comes compulsory to discover a structure for entering guests. At some places such as nightclubs, amusement parks, carnivals, and in any event use of hand stamps instead of tickets or something a kind of paper, a hand stamp can be a great option for us.


From many years, we have committed ourselves to offers the high-quality custom hand stamps for giving the perfect idea to write a message quickly and in an easy way. Our collection of designs has grown for hand stamps; give you the independence to select the perfect stamp according to your need.


All of these custom hand stamps are available in many designs according to your needs. You can be customized your hand stamp with text or artwork. You can get this custom hand stamp according to your requirement.

Sizes & shapes

The custom hand stamp is available in the array of sizes and shapes you want. These are available in square, triangle, rectangle, and circle shape. The custom hand stamps are made from the light weighted material.


These small-sized custom hand stamps are ideal for easily transportable from one location to another. The custom hand stamp is used for any occasion just because of its flexibility and personal touch.

Easily apply on skin

You can opt custom hand stamps to make different and personal. if you are organizing an event or don’t have time to waste on giving the entry ticket to the guest then custom hand stamp is the good option for admitting the guest. Time-saving is a major thing to save the time in an event. You can easily apply on hand of persons. You can easily apply to skin and wash from the skin.

Our custom hand stamp is available in many ink colors and remains or stays on the skin up to 24 hours, and, it does remove off with soap and water. If you select Dark ink colors, it remains on the skin longer. If you are a designer then you can customize a design for the stamp. If you want to purchase hand stamp then call us.

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