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The original purpose of hand stamps can be traced back to the stamps used on wax seals to secure scrolls and letters. And some time after that, rubber stamps were discovered by a man who used the techniques used by dentists for teeth moulds. And now, they are used for business and personal reasons. Custom hand stamps are an ideal replacement for repetitive writing, such as document signing or logo printing.

Types of Custom Hand Stamps

There are 3 main types of hand stamps according to how they are inked.

  • Traditional rubber stamp inked by a separate ink pad
  • Self-inking stamp is inked by an ink pad on top, the stamp flips up to the ink pad and back down to the paper surface. It can be re-inked and can last up to around 7,000
  • Pre-inked stamp is inked right into the stamp and there’s no flipping action. It can also be re-inked and can last up to around 50,000 stamp impressions.

Pre-Inked Signature Stamps

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A signature is the handwritten representation of a person’s name. It is a way of identification for the approval or authentication of a check and other documents. When someone writes his signature on a contract for example, it means that he accepts the terms and content of the contract. Signature stamps have been used to replace signatures that are written manually for a sharp and consistent impression of the signature every time it is stamped. They are also used to approve documents faster, which is especially helpful for businesses that release a lot of checks. Stamping takes a lot less time and effort than affixing your signature by hand.

Importance of Signature Stamps

Even though everything is paperless nowadays and business technology has become so advanced, it doesn’t mean that signature stamps will soon be obsolete. There are no signs that they will be phased out anytime soon. This is because signature stamps are still very important in many businesses. Use it over and over again and it will leave the same crisp and legible impression.

Compared to electronic signatures that can be hacked and copied in a matter of minutes, signature stamps are still considered as the safer option. It is also more productive because of its ease of use and efficiency. The stamp-and-go method also prevents carpal tunnel. When you have a high-quality signature stamp, you will be ready to sign anything.

Designing and Ordering Your Signature Stamp

There’s no complex design needed. All you need to do is get a piece of white paper and sign on it. Most stamp makers would recommend using felt tip pens instead of ball pens and gel pens. This is because felt tip pens have a distinct and crisp output. Don’t use very fine pens because it will be difficult to create a stamp off it.

Sign as you would normally sign at the usual size. The stamp supplier will match the stamp size to your signature. If you ordered online, scan your signature and save it as a JPEG or PDF and email it to the stamp maker or upload image. You can also order signature stamps from an office supply store and hand them the paper with your signature.

Pre-Inked Address Stamps and Its Uses

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Having your address on the letter envelope that you sent allows your recipient to send you a letter back. Businesses also place their address on their documents so as part of their brand and so customers can find them. Aside from this two, there are other uses for address stamps that you haven’t thought about.

  1. It can be a gift for a friend, couple or relative who has recently moved to a new home. New homeowners want to make a lasting impression on other people. Hence, they celebrate having a new abode and invite special people over. While some friends would give pillows, mugs, and flowers, set yourself aside by giving them a unique gift: a personalized address stamp. They would love that you thought of it. They can use it for their guest thank you letters and in paying their utility bills. You will be that friend that gave them a creative yet functional gift.


  1. It can be used for invitations. Every person is excited when an invitation is received, whether it’s for a wedding, holiday event or just a simple reunion. When you use a custom hand stamp at the back of the envelopes, it gives a personal touch to the invites. Not only will it save you time and money, but people will see how crafty you are.


  1. It makes your greeting card stand out. Every year, people receive a lot of greeting cards that are most likely from the same bookstore. Stamping your address on the envelope makes you a tad bit different.


  1. It makes your small business look professional. Instead of spending large sums on printing letter heads, address stamps are cost-effective and still let your customers know that you are always within reach.


  1. It is eco-friendly. Reduce wastage of printer inks and pre-printed stickers. Small changes help the environment.


Designing and Ordering Your Address Stamp

First, you need to choose among the rubber stamp sizes that matches your needs. Avoid choosing small stamps that will make your address information too small to read. Next, choose the shape; if it’s square or rectangular. Select the ink color. Most stamp makers provide a lot of color choices.

After that, you can now give your address information. You can also choose the type of font that you like. Font styles make a huge difference so choose wisely according to you or your brand’s image. They also make a whole lot of difference when fitting within the stamp size. Some typefaces are too wide, so you need to make a good judgment between stamp size and font style.

Custom address stamps can also be ordered online or in office supply shops.


I hope this article has helped you in choosing the right signature and address stamp. How did using any or both benefit you or your business? Please share it in the comments section.







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