Wedding is the most special day in a person’s life and everybody want to make it more special by adding a personal touch to it. You have the option to personalize the food, decoration and the wedding cards but do you know that you can easily use self inking stamps to save your time, money and efforts?

self linking stamps

A personalized ink wedding stamp is a sure fire way to make your occasion more unique and memorable. Nowadays, DIYing everything is so in trend. So if you are planning your wedding soon, how about DIYing your wedding cards and decors? You can easily personalize the wedding invitations in different ways, one of which is the custom stamp. You can use a stamp to customize your wedding invitations, table cards, and giveaways among other things.

Custom rubber stamp is a tool which is required to be dip in ink before being pressed against a paper to print names, symbols, dates and something else. Most people use “rubber stamp” as the collective term for these tools. But aside from rubber, stamps are also made from different materials like acrylic, foam, and clear polymer.

So are you thinking what are the different types of personalized wedding stamps? Well, there are many and each one come with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are:

Mounted stamps

These are rubber stamps that are permanently mounted on a wooden block. Apart from the ink pad, you are not required to invest in any other kind of supplies. They come in a variety of beautiful designs and offer clean, crisp and polished impressions.

Unmounted stamps

These stamps are not permanently mounted on the wooden blocks. They are generally mounted on the block for a small amount of time and are temporarily attached to the block with the help of cling foam or glue. These stamps can be used to decorate the invites or plan the decorations of the wedding.

They are cheaper than the mounted stamps and come in sheets which include several images. They also offer clean and crisp impressions.

Self inking stamps

These stamps do not require a separate ink pad as they come equipped with the ink. They are one of the best stamps that make it easy to print impressions without any hassle.

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