business stamp

Most startups wonder a lot on whether they should get a business stamp or not. Maybe it is not an essential object to get for many of them. However, it is the one that gives authenticity to a document of an organization.

What is actually a business stamp?

Similar to a state seal, it is an official seal of an organization, which is legally a separate entity and acts as the representative signature of a company. One required for signing several different official documents, business stamps have become a critical stationary item to increase productivity in official works of a company, apart from showing the authenticity. The use of company seals, such as logo stamps, address stamps, and signature stamps is rising with each passing day. These seals are used for corporate documents, bank accounts, and legal documents.

Uses of a company seal

The impression leaving tool of a company is used only for vital business transactions. As an owner, you should avoid using your corporate seal for vendor contracts, service level agreements, and record meeting minutes. Here are some appropriate conditions to use your representative mark leaving tool:

  • Company resolutions
  • High-level contracts and deeds
  • International documents
  • Issuing stock certificates
  • Loan documents and mortgages
  • Real estate transfers or land contracts

While using your business stamp, you should incorporate your signature if you are the authorized person (CEO, MD, or Chief Executive) of your company.

Power of a business stamp

Instead of not being frequently used in the current corporate world, it is an official mark of an organization. Its usage legalizes documents, making the same authentic, reliable, and trusted one. Besides, it is a vital part of company board resolutions. Without a corporate seal, the resolutions are not valid, and filing particular legal documents will be difficult.

How to get a suitable business stamp

Earlier it was mad using only wax. In today’s world, numerous materials, like wood and stainless steel are used in making corporate seals. Here are some steps to get the most appropriate business stamps:

  • Register your company with the local authority in your country or state. It is vital for you, as the local authority, especially at state level, is included in the seal.
  • Consult a stamp maker, as you don’t get the seal from the state authority after registering your business with it.
  • Create a design for your business stamp. While designing a seal for your company, you should include your business logo, company name, allied other vital points.
  • Select the embosser. After designing and creating the seal, you need to insert it into a stamping device, which can be a handled or desktop one.
  • Shop the seal when it is made.

Official Stock Certificate

Earlier it was used as a title to the stocks of a company and a critical part of showing ownership. In the current world, businesses do purchases and issuance of stocks online to save papers, and this usage has made official stock certificates unnecessary. However, these certificates are sometimes used as a proof of stock ownership and to disclose the authenticity.   


In today’s digital world, most of business operational documentation works are done on the internet. However, business stamps have their own importance. Whether it is show the authenticity, disclose ownership, make documents valid or use documents for legal purposes, you have to use your corporate seal. Sometimes, you have to stamp documents with your company name and logo for internal purposes, such as joining letters, experience certificates, and paying bills to suppliers. As business stamps are vital, so you should consult an experienced and skilled stamp maker to avail the best one.

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