At Ideal Stamp Shop, we help our customers get their hands on a wide range of customized stamps. For a majority of our clients, customized address stamp has proved to be a more practical choice. We can easily customize self-inking stamp, pre-inked stamp, address stamp and more. Similar to our regular stamps, the customized stamps can easily accommodate any company logo, text, slogan and more.

coustimized address stamp

What is customized self-inking stamp?

You must have heard about self-inking stamps. These stamps come with an in-built inking pad. This eliminates the need to carry a separate inkpad all the time. While for some companies, hand stamps suits their business the best, for others self-inking stamps are more suitable.

At the Ideal Stamp Shop, we deliver high quality durable self-inking stamps, which operate by using a rotating device that re-ink the stamp after every use. Thus, it gives the self-inking stamp a freshly inked surface after every use. These stamps are extremely easy to handle and offers hassle free stamping every time.

To get a better understanding of the Self-inking stamps, think of it as regular hand stamps with attached stamp pad. Similar to purchasing a fresh stamping pad, the ink pad for self-inking stamp can easily be changed. There are various reasons why a person opts to choose for self-inking stamp rather than going in for the regular stamps with stamping pads. We give our customers a chance to decide how they want their address stamp to look like in the end, which ink pad they want and what information should it contain.

An Ideal Solution – Customized Stamps

When you order from us, it is often used for a variety of uses. What one company may use the stamp for; the other company may use it for a completely different purpose. However, whatever purpose you are using the stamp for, the benefit will remain the same.

  • Custom stamps are ideal for repetitive use

Custom address stamps are perfect for companies that need to stamp a lot of mails, documents, and cards.

  • Great for traveling purpose

Self-inking stamps are your on-the-go stamps as they are ideal for use when traveling. They can be used in a hassle free manner without the need to carry the stamping pad.

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