Nowadays Stamps are seen everywhere from office, supermarkets, banks, schools, etc. People have been using these stamps to imprint their logos or as signatures, stamping the dates on forms and important notices. Rubber Stamps are also called as stamps are a method or craft that uses the ink or any pigment to form the image on the rubber using the laser technology or vulcanisation. These days’ stamps have become an official need of every working sector. They are available in custom designs, layouts and professional patterns. Many companies make personalized Rubber stamps using the laser technology for engraving the designs and impressions. They are made to serve the requirements and motives of the customers. They come in various

  • Sizes – Width and text size
  • Shapes – Round, square, Rectangular
  • Spacing – Text spacing and
  • Ink colours – Assortment of colours
  • Designs – all types of impressions and calligraphy
  • Graphics – Forms and dimensions with real time touch


They basically come in different forms:

  1. Traditional rubber stamps with wood handle

The name explains how the stamps are inked to form an impression; it has a wooden handle of convenient size and comes in all colours and shapes. The handles differ in shapes like soft ones and cabinet handles. Handles are made of wooden material. The prints are engraved using the laser technology on the rubbers. It uses separate pads for inks of many colours.

  1. Deep engraved rubber stamps

These deep engraved rubber stamps are made of high quality material and lasts longer. It is great to make impressions on materials that are soft like clay, sand, jewellery making, etc. The handles are like the traditional stamps. The dye – engraving method applies for deeper carves using the laser technology.

The possibilities of personalized stamps statements and logos are endless.

  1. For business purposes

They are customized for professional uses like important letters, documents and bills. Office needs has the codes mentioned below in which you can customize the dates and names or other along in the bottom of the stamp.

  • Approved
  • Cancelled
  • Urgent
  • Notice
  • Sign Here
  • Unclassified
  • Sample
  1. For crafting and card making

Craft stamps are made for crafting and decorating the objects in a unique fashion. Some are produced as hobby of children for playing like toys. Creativity can be doodled and stamped in your child’s scrapbook. Beautifully crafted stamps are supplied to inspire the creativity in you.


  1. For professional creativity

The art stamps are custom made for creating beautiful and elegant calligraphy. These stamps are used to make a different and mesmerizing art displayed and used in official places.

  1. For customized names and dates:

Customized Name rubber stamps create your name or your siblings, parents or names that are close to your heart. These name stamps can make an ordinary books or things into a good style. Separate alphabets come in monogram forms and designs and huge range of choice to choose from. Form a word and make a creative sentence to give a funky look to your format. Dates come in rubber stamps along with the stamps of Received, Approved, Entered, etc and the additional text below the date which is rotating.

  1. For wedding themes and motifs

Weddings are every individual’s dream to make it a perfect one right from the decorations to invitations. Getting a stamp with an exquisite design is significant. You can avail personalized wedding rubber stamps from the patterns and range like Signature swirls, dotted circles or initial highlights. Address can be engraved to mark a beautiful beginning of the day. Some keep it simple and elegant and some add a classic touch with the use of leaves to the imprints. It is a fun way to add these rubber inks stamps to the envelopes or postal forms.



Rubber stamps have gained popularity in the increasing years. These days they are mostly used as an art form. People want all sorts of stamps to fulfil their requirements in crafting and daily uses. They are economical and customized accordingly. Rubber stamps are preferred over the wood and other materials. Rubber uses the technology of engraving without any hassles and slippery. They are handy and don’t spill when inked in high quality colours. Paper crafts are using these personalized rubber stamps for crafting purposes. There comes a variety of suppliers who give a smudge proof stamps and spill free inks. Bold seals and remarks make a lasting impression.



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