A logo is a designed mark, which symbolises an organisation. Business owners use it on their letterheads, as signs, and advertising materials (brochures) for their easy identification in the market. It makes a company stands apart from others in the market.

In your business operation, you have to carry out several tasks, like documentation, marketing, and packaging of products. While doing any of these work offline, you need to show your corporate identity so that you can help your receivers to recognise you easily. In offline work, mentioning your company identification mark is hard for you, and so, you go with custom logo stamps. By leaving the impressions of your business identification mark, you can provide a unified and cohesive look to your way for disclosing your business nature to both existing and probable customers.

What can you do with a personalised stamp for your business logo?

A custom-made logo stamp makes you to use it for several purposes. With a personalised impression leaving tool, here are the things you can do:

  • Business card creation

Such an impression leaving tool assists you in your DIY business cards. A business card, which carries contact details with company identification mark on standard card size paper, can help you to escape from spending a few hundred/thousand dollars in online marketing or getting card printed. With this, you can quickly make your own business card.     

  • Product packaging

Save costs on printing your product packaging materials. Start marking your company mark on paper bags, flat boxes, tissue papers, and receipts by using a personalised business logo stamp.

  • Creation of office stationery

The use of a custom-made business impression leaving tool makes you escape getting your company letterheads printed. With it, you can turn a notebook of blank pages into your business letter pads and use the same in your company operational works.

Ways to shop the best custom logo stamps

As you are not in stamp making business so you have no idea how to do it. Here are some practical steps for your help:

Contact a stamp maker or shop/store

You are expert or skilled in the work you do. So, you must find an expert who can enable you to have a custom-made impression leaving tool for your company. Conduct an in-depth study and select the stamp shop/maker that has lots of experience and can fulfil your demand within the stated time. Besides, it should be the one that can advise you in the design part and charges a lower price.

Do the associated artwork

To get the most suitable logo marking tool, you need to do some artworks at your end. Try to keep it black & white.

Send the artwork to the selected maker

You need to email your artwork to the maker. While sending your company identification mark, attach the file in formats, such as JPEG, PDF, and PNG the store requests you. You should email only original work so that the maker can catch each relevant detail. The file size should be around 8 MB.

Determine the material

Typically, a marking tool is made using wood, steel, rubber, or a combination of hard metal with a rubber. Rubber is the primary material of any stamp. For handle, you have to choose the right material. In general, a wood handled impression leaving tool is better if you have to do stamping on paper. You need to keep your use while selecting a material.

Choose the version

Marking tools used in business operational works are available with two options – Self-Inking and Pre-Inked. Keep your convenience in mind while selecting the version.

Evaluate your business mark again before placing your order

Before you place your order, you should have a close look at everything, like your logo and material selection.


After explaining what a logo is in brief, the article has pointed out the things you can do with your custom logo stamps and the steps to get the best one for your own business.

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