Rubber stamps have been used for many years and they serve as an important business tool. They help a person save his time and money while adding importance to the document as things are done in a professional manner. As more and more entrepreneurs are opting for signature stamps but are they really worth making an investment?

signature stamps

You can easily get your hands on signature stamps online or shop them at office supply stores. These stamps are useful in signing important documents in the absence of the signee or in a situation that calls for repetitive signatures. It can also be used by people who are unable to manually sign a document.

  • Endorsement

A signature is a proofthat a person has endorsed some kind of services, to authorize a check, to complete an evaluation anddisbursed a medical prescription or do many other legally noted actions. Signature stamps holds the power of a personalized signature, therefore it is important for you to be careful with its storage and use.

  • Possible issues that can arise

One of the biggest issues that can arise is the misuse of signature stamp. This crime becomes easy when an employee, who is either authorized to use the signature stamps or not, misuses the stamp on a variety of occasions on accounting documents or checks. Therefore state legislature differs in approving or disapproving the use of signature stamps and its applications.

  • Unauthorized use

If someone is authorized to use the signature stamp, it is beneficial to have that permission in written form and notarized. Make sure that both the parties sign the documents and keep the document safe. Misusing orfalsely using a signature stamp is a form of crime.

A signature is a sign placed on a document or under writing to show that the document is signed by the signatory. While some companies do not allow using signature stamps as a substitute for the actual signatures, others deemed using signature stamps as a legal way to sign documents.

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