Rubber stamps offer one of the best ways to stamp thousands of impressions without refilling them. Self-inking stamps are convenient to use, travel friendly and durable and can easily last for more than 10,000 impressions without being refilled. It is one of the best kinds of custom stamps that you can ever get your hands on. Moreover, they are best suited for situations where a person requires doing heavy stamping on an everyday basis.

self linking stampHowever, there will come a time when the stamp run out of ink. This is the time when you need to re-ink the stamp to prevent it from drying further. So if you are looking forward to reinking your stamp, here are few ways to do the same.

Take a look at your custom stamp. Is it structured with clasp on the sides? If yes, these are custom rubber stamps that can be locked into place while you reink it. On an even surface, turn the stamp upside down to reveal the ink pad section. Rely on the clasps and fix the stamp on place.

Next, use the rubber stamp ink and apply the required amount to the stamp. There are certain stamps which will require few drops while others will require 20 to 25 drops of the ink. Therefore, make sure you apply the ink accurately depending on how much is required. Once you have applied the ink, release the clasp and set the self-inking stamps aside so that the ink has enough time to spread.

If the rubber stamp does not have clasps, you can remove the ink pad section for reinking it. Push down the handle of the stamp to reveal the ink pad section. Slowly remove the ink pad from the section and lay it on an even surface.

Once you have laid it on an even surface, proceed to reink the stamp as evenly as possible. Give some time to the ink to get fully absorbed. Make sure to gently ease the ink pad slot back to its place and allow it to sit for some time.

To make sure that you have successfully reinked the self-inking stamps, stamp on clear paper and look at the impression. If you have successfully reinked it, the impression must be sharp.

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