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Pre-inked stamps, though the most expensive compare to other stamp types, are best for those who want efficiency for their office or business. The ink of the stamp has been infused directly into the pad, allowing it to provide around 20 thousand to 50 thousand impressions without reinking. Imagine the amount of time saved compared to self-inking stamps or manual stamping with a separate ink pad.

Self-inking stamps also have a separate ink pad incorporated within the stamp mechanism, and the stamp rotates to make contact with the pad. It is cheaper but it can only provide up to 10 thousand impressions. Between pre-inked stamps and self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps have a crisper impression because the ink is oil-based. Meanwhile, self-inking stamps are water-based.

Because pre-inked stamps have more impressions and last longer, they are highly recommended for custom logo stamps, address stamps, and signature stamps. So, what happens after you reached that 50 thousand impressions and there’s no ink left? Quite simple. You just need to refill it! Here are some of the steps on how to refill pre-inked stamps for different types and brands.

What you will need:

  • Ink refill
  • Cup or vase
  • Paper Towel
  • Paper

Refilling Directly on Stamp Surface

  1. Hold the stamp upside down with the design facing up
  2. Uncap the ink refill bottle and put 3 to 4 drops of ink on the stamp surface
  3. Replace the cap of the ink bottle and put the stamp in a cup or vase with the same upside down position.
  4. Leave it there overnight for the rubber pad to fully absorb the ink
  5. Before stamping, pat the stamp surface with paper towel to remove excess ink
  6. Stamp on a paper to see if the impression is clear and cris

pre stamps 2

Refilling Removable Ink Pads

  1. Push the stamp down and slide out the ink pad that’s inside the stamp mechanism; some stamps have a push release button for you to access the ink pad and some have ink pads on both sides.
  2. Uncap the ink refill bottle and put 3 to 5 drops on ink on to the inked side of the ink pad
  3. Wait until the pad has fully absorbed the ink and then slide or push the ink pad back in.
  4. Replace the cap of the ink refill bottle.
  5. Wait at least 3 hours before using the stamp again
  6. Stamp a blank paper a few times to remove excess ink and to see if the impression is normal and even

Refilling Through Ink Ports

Stamps like Maxlight have built-in ink pads that can’t be removed. Instead you need to put ink through ink ports on top of the pads. They are like pipe tunnels that let the ink flow from the top to the ink pads.

  1. Remove the stamp handle and uncap the ink refill bottle.
  2. Put drops of ink on the ink port, the number of drops depends on the model of the stamp. If there are 2 ports, divide the ink equally between the 2 ports.
  3. Recap the ink refill bottle
  4. Replace the stamp handle and wait around 10 minutes before trying out the stamp
  5. Stamp on a blank paper to see if the ink has distributed evenly
  6. If you see lint or dust on the stamp surface, spread cellophane tape over the surface and then rub it carefully. Once you remove the tape, the dust should go with it.

Important Tips

  • Only refill if you see that the impressions have become light or close to none
  • Do not overfill the ink pad as pre-inked stamps only require a few drops to refill. Check the brand manual to know how many drops of ink are needed. Depending on the stamp type and model, large stamps would usually require more drops than smaller ones.
  • Do not mix ink brands. If you are using a Trodat stamp, then only use Trodat ink. The same applies to Xstamper, Maxlight and other brands
  • Do not mix ink types. Make sure to check if your stamp ink is oil-based and water based.
  • Do not mix ink colors. You can’t change the original color of the ink to another one, let’s say from black to red. This is because the ink pad still contains amount of the original ink.

These are the steps on how to refill your pre-inked stamps. Let us know if this guide worked for you and share your experience with us in the comments.





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