Do you know that address stamps are cheaper than self adhesive labels and helps you save your time and money? Moreover, self-inking address stamp gives you several thousand impressions before it is required to be re-inked. On the other hand, self adhesive labels will cost you more than $30 to get your hands on less than 1,000 labels.


There are plenty of uses of address stamps that help you save time and require less hassle. Some of its popular uses are:

  • Self-inking address stamp can be used to self address your envelopes and documents
  • They can be used on wedding invites, thank you or greetings cards
  • They help you create your own personalized stationary
  • They make it easy to quickly fill out forms
  • They can be used on wedding gifts or housewarming party gifts.

The address stamps available at The Ideal Stamp shop are divided into multiple sections so that it becomes easier for professionals as well as people who want to get their hands on them for personal use to find one that suit their requirement. Every stamp is fully customizable to sut your needs.

Business and personal address stamps

Our personal address stamps comes with 3 compact lines, while he business stamps comes with 5 lines to include your business website and the phone number along with business logo.

Designer address stamp

The rectangle address stamps comes with multiple styles and can include plenty of information to make your envelop stand out from the crowd. These stamps are a fun addition to your envelopes.

Round stamps

These are cute stamps that can be used at the back of an envelope, at the top of a sheet paper and at plenty of other positions.

The address stamps can be used to stamp the wedding card or gifts. You can sent out mails and beautify them with the help of address stamp. However here you must remember that most inks will not easily adhere to metallic or coated papers, and some inks take a long time to dry. Always test your stamp before using it on all of your envelopes.

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