Are you into rubber stamping? Do you love making art with rubber or Self-inking stamps? If so, you must be aware of the fact the rubber stamps can instantly add a touch of decoration or provide the right sentiments to any project. Here are few different types of rubber stamps that you must use to convert your art piece into a masterpiece.

self linking stamp

The different types of stamps

To begin with, you need to understand that all rubber stamps differ from each other irrespective of the fact that they are unanimously called as rubber stamps. This is a generic name for any kind of stamp you may have used for crafting. So there may be acrylic, wood, digital or foam stamps but they will be called as rubber stamps.

Wood mount stamps are the original rubber stamps. These are generally made from rubber and mounted on a wooden block to make holding them easier. There is a layer of foam present between the wood and the rubber to help you achieve a nice crisp image.

Polymer stamps easily stick to an acrylic block without the help of an adhesive. These stamps are extremely popular because it makes it easy to see where and what you are stamping. These are great for a situation where precise placement of the impression is required.

Foam stamps can be divided into two categories. You can get your hands on inexpensive foam stamps generally used for crafting projects or you can shop for smaller foam stamps generally used for card making. The former foam stamps are thick and the images resent is large and simple. They are best used with craft paints. Their large chunkier shape makes it easy to be used by the kids.  foam stamps can be used to stamp shaped on t-shirts, flower pots, tote bags, wood and various other surfaces. The latter stamps are generally used for detailed stamping. They can either be shapes or text.

The last category of stamps is the digital stamps which are popular among tech-savvy crafters. You can easily get hold of them online or shop them offline. With the advent of technology, websites are offering huge varieties of these stamps. All you need to do is to send payment by credit card and download the image you want to purchase. They are inexpensive, can be resized and take no storage space.

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