So you have your envelope package sealed and ready to be shipped, but have your written the address clearly? Well, you may not realize it but incomplete, incorrect or illegible package addresses can prevent the mail from reaching the person at the right time. Therefore, here are few mailing tips that will help you ensure that he package is delivered to the recipient on time.

self inking stamp

Send your Mail Properly

  • Envelopes and packaging

Whether you are sending bills, letters or other important documents, you can easily post them in a while or recycled envelopes. These envelopes along with other important documents can easily be purchased at any post office.

However, if you are mailing larger items, you can choose to go in a box provided at the post office or make one for yourself. For items that need an extra layer of protection, make sur to use a padded paper or bubble lined for them.

  • Addressing the person

When it comes to writing the recipient address, make sure you write it in clear words. Print or type the recipient’s name and include all the necessary details that will help the postman find the address with ease. The correct apartment or suite number helps to ensure delivery to the right location.

  • Return address

It is important to write the return address so that if the parcel remains undelievered, it can be returned back to you. So if you wish to save your time and reduce the effort of writing the return address again and again, make sure to invest in self inking stamps.

Self inking stamp can be customized to suite your requirements and used in situation when you need to write the return address on hundreds of envelops. It helps to clearly lists the address while making it easy to do the job.

  • Package tracking

Finally it is important to follow the progress of your package. This services is offered for free by the mail service providers moreover, you can even opt for free package pick up services that are offered by some courier service provider.

Self inking stamps can also be used in a variety of scenerios. So how are you going to use the stamps?

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