Nowadays rubber stamps are being used for a number of different uses. From creating scrapbooks to using them as a signature stamp, they are used for a large variety of purposes. So are you ready to get your own rubber stamp customized?

With technology at our dispose of, it has become a lot simple to order everything online. However, when it comes to online transactions, there is always some risk involved. While you cannot avoid the risk involved, you can always take some steps to ensure that it does not happen to you. Here are 5 important things to note when you plan to order signature stamp online.


Regardless of the fact whether you are buying from a trusted source or from a new vendor, it is always important to do a bit of research. Make sure you read reviews left by previous users to know whether they were satisfied or dissatisfied with the company’s services.


When ordering customized rubber stamps, converse with the seller through email or texts so that in case of a misunderstanding, you can easily track your conversations. This also offers an additional sense of security as it makes communication clear and easier.

Ask questions

Before placing an order, make sure you have communicated with the designer and have told them what you desire the rubber stamp to look in the end. Go ahead with a particular designer if he is sure of the design and can deliver the high-quality end result. Make sure you have your queries answered before placing the order.


Another important aspect which needs to be cleared before placing the order is how to pay for the work. If you are going to pay online, make sure to keep a copy of the same to show that you have made the payment for the customized rubber stamp. You can also request an invoice from the seller for the same purpose.


Both the parties must agree on a delivery date which is convenient to the seller as well as the buyer. Ask them the delivery service they will be using to send your products.

Keep dealing respectful and transparent with your rubber stamp designer and enjoy having your own customized signature stamp.

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