Do you know a number of household products can help keep your stamps sparkling clean?

It is essential to keep your Signature Stamp clean if you want to avail clean and crisp stamped image every time. If the stamps are not cleaned after every stamping session, the ink may get transferred to the next project and you may not get clear details. In certain cases, the dried ink can clog the design making it difficult to get clear impressions.

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So the question is how can you keep your stamps clean?

Whether you are a seasoned stamper or are new to stamping, it is important to have knowledge about how to keep your stamps clean. If you can make it a habit to clean the stamps regularly, it would be the best thing to do. You have invested your money in getting a hands-on customized signature stamp, so it only makes sense if you keep it clean. Having clean rubber stamps come with a number of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Clean stamps does not contaminate ink pads with other colored ink
  • Unclean stamp gather dust and dirt with ease
  • Dried ink makes it difficult to get clear impressions

There are different ways to keep your stamps clean. Some of them are:

Stamp cleaner

You can easily get your hands on stamp cleaners which are special cleaners available in the market. These can easily be purchased from runner stamp suppliers or craft stores. Stamp cleaners generally come in a bottle that needs to be poured into a vessel to clean the stamp or can be used as in an integral cleaning pad which is built into the bottle.

Baby wipes

If you can get your hands on alcohol-free baby wipes, you can easily clean the stamps with it. They offer a handy to keep the stamps clean during a stamping session. While the baby wipes may not be able to get into the crevices of the stamps, it can quickly clean away any excess ink before applying the next color.

Soap and water

Another great way of cleaning the stamps is to wash them with soapy water. A majority of standard inks can easily be washed off with the help of soapy water. Take a toothbrush dipped in the soapy water and whisk off any ink that may be clinging the stamps.

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