Do you know custom hand stamps have been around for quite a long time? For years, it has been making life easier for billions of people all over the world. Not only they are used by small firms, even schools, and large businesses use them.

Now you might be wondering on what kind of hand stamp can be utilized by individuals. Well, the reply is almost all of them. Many people recommend that if you are not experienced in using stamps, then it is best to start with a self inking stamp, as it functions on its own and removes the need to use the stamp pad.

custom hand stamps (Custom Hand Stamp)


Alternatively, if you are frequently using many stamps or need to use many colors for impressions, then you need to try the traditional custom hand stamps. They can really work great for you.

Mounted And Unmounted Custom Hand Stamp

  • Unmounted Custom Hand Stamp: These are often used for craft and small driven projects. Frankly, they are not quite suited for satisfying your high volume stamping requirements.
  • Mounted Custom Hand Stamp: These rubber stamps are often used at offices and home. The presences of ergonomic handle provide an even distribution of the stamp as well as the impression of the ink. Frankly, it is apt for high-loading and office stamping projects.

Kinds of Custom Hand Stamp

1) Notary Stamp

All major documents require a stamp, especially from a licensed notary. Such stamps can be either plain or fancy. It can contain various items like the name of the notary, the country, the state, the date and of course the notary’s signature. Also, it must even contain the expiration date of the commission.

2) Address Stamps

Address hand stamps are often used for various businesses and even for individuals. The address stamp will show your company name or your name, zip code and address. Such custom hand stamps can be used for providing the return address on various important documents or mail that requires your address. You can either have the imprints that are stylish and plain, and it depends on your requirements.

3) Deposit Stamps

This custom hand stamps help the bank know whether to deposit a check in your company’s or yours account. Mostly, such hand stamps will be having 3 to 5 lines and contain words like ‘For Deposit Only’, along with the bank’s name, branch name, city, and state where the bank is present. Also, it will be having the name of the company or the individual, and the bank account of the person or the company.

4) Date Stamps

Date stamps are one of the custom hand stamps that are used to place dates on homeschool papers, significant documents, tests. They can be used to remind you when you need to make a bill payment. Most of these custom hand stamps will be having wheels that allow you to turn and stamp the date you want.

2(Custom Date Stamp)


5) Logo Stamps

Logo stamps are the best custom hand stamps that imprint the logo of your brand or firm on various papers. Such papers are sent to prospective customers, letterheads, envelopes, and other necessary and significant documents.

6) Common Stock Stamps

Do you know what common stock stamps are? They are stamps that imprint words like Approved, Air Mail, Classified, Cancelled, C.O.D, Client’s Copy, Confidential, Completed, Copy For Your Information, Copy, Distributed, Credit, Draft, Do Not Bend, E-Mail, Draft, Duplicate, Entered and other kind of words which you might need to place on a document.

7) Signature Stamps

These custom hand stamps are what their name suggests. They replace your signature and are nothing but signature put on a hand stamp. So, it means that you won’t have to write your name thousand times each day. All you need to do is simply stamp documents with this hand stamp and make it personal.

(Signature Stamp)

8) Inspection Stamps

This is a hand stamp which imprints numbers or codes on products. It is to display the particular product that has been through the inspection process. And this shows or instills the quality of the given product to customers.


One of the best things about using custom hand stamps is ink pads are available in various colors, so it makes sure that the return address gets printed in the color scheme related to your big day. Plus, you can utilize various fonts to make sure that the invitation designs matches.

Ultimately, you won’t be sacrificing your efficiency using custom hand stamps. So, go ahead and try any one of them.


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