If you are a business, you must be thinking about different ways to market your brand. This is when self-inking stamps can help you in the endeavor. Self-Inking Stamp is simply a rubber stamp placed in a spring-loaded stamp body which rotates to an internal ink pad after each use.

As plastic bags are being phased out, you can choose to stamp paper bags with your brand name and logo to make sure people take a notice. As some startups and small business don’t have the budget to buy printed bags in bulk, buying paper bags and stamping them with your business stamps will do the trick for you.

Some of your staff may not always have customers occupying them. So in their spare time, they can stamp the business name, logo and contact details on the paper bags. This is more efficient way to utilize the man power, enhance brand value and lower the cost of paper bags. You can get your hands on largest models of self-inking stamps available at Ideal Stamp Shop.

If you are thinking about the ink color, black is the most used ink. Still want to use some other color? Well, think about it from the perspective of your customers. Where will they see your logo from? Definitely not right under their nose but while walking past someone who will be holding your brand’s paper bag. Black really pops out against the paper bags and the stamping will be legible from a distance.

Rubber stamps can be used for a number of different applications. Along with adding a professional touch to the paper bags, it can help businesses to promote themselves in a very cost effective manner. While the cost of printed paper bags is expensive; you can save a lot of money by deciding to use high quality self-inking stamps. You can choose to shop for rubber stamps online from The Ideal Stamp Shop and get your hands on a wide range of discounts.

So what are you waiting for? Shop rubber stamps, self inking stamps, pre-inked stamps and a lot more online and use them in a variety of ways. Shop now!

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