If you are in love with stamping, you must have thought about stamping on different surfaces. Have you ever thought about stamping on curved surfaces? Don’t be afraid to experiment. Moreover, it is extremely easy to stamp on curved surfaces with these simple tips.

Use small stamps

To begin with, you need to get your hands on small Self Inking Stamps as they are much easier to use on curved surfaces than large stamps. Pick up stamps that use a pattern built on several stamps rather than using one large stamp.

self inking stamp

Don’t not over ink

Using a stamp filled with extra ink may slip on the curved surface. Therefore, it is important to achieve a balance between having enough ink and having too much ink. This is when having a self inking stamp help you strike the right balance.

Fill in the gaps

You can choose to fill in the gaps in your stamped image using a thin marker pen. However be careful as a slight mistake can ruin your complete design.

Use unmounted stamps

You can even choose to use unmounted stamps instead of using rigidly mounted stamps. Further, use your fingers to press the stamps to the surface to get a complete design.

Create a random design

If your stamped images are less than perfect, one way to disguise this is by building up an all over design using lots of stamped images. You can overlap the images if you like and this will soon hide any imperfections.

However, if you are still unable to achieve a perfect design, here are few other techniques that can help you with the stamping.

Stamp on a thin paper

Instead of stamping on a curved surface directly, you can choose to stamp on a thin paper and adhere this to the surface to achieve the desired result. You can use this technique to stamp on candles.


This is a variation on the above-said technique. Start by sticking small pieces of tissue paper and then use the decoupage technique to adhere the pattern to the surface. This is a great way to add decorations to surfaces which are uneven or very curved which would otherwise be difficult to stamp on.

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