If you have been custom address stamps, signature stamps, self inking stamps and other rubber stamps, you are definitely in love with them. Custom stamps are personal, thoughtful and make up for one of the best gifts that people will cherish for a lifetime.

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Customs stamps can be used for plenty of projects and help you save your time, money and efforts. They can typically be used for everything thing such as to sign important documents, to make wedding invites, apart from being as the address stamp. So whether you are getting one for your own self, or want to gift it to your loved ones, custom stamps are one of the best gifts.

Some of the interesting ways in which you can use your custom stamps are:

New home

For new homeowners, it is important to make their best first impression. Also this is an event, which they would love to celebrate with their family and friends. While a majority of homeowners receive fruit bowls, crockery and flower arrangements, you can choose to gift them personalized address stamp.

This is a kind of gift they will love to get their hands on. So whether they will get inviting guests for their house warming party, paying their bills or doing other chores, address stamp will act as a convenient and creative way to get the job done with ease.


Nobody can hide his excitement which is sparked by getting an invitation to a holiday party, a summer BBQ or a birth announcement. This is when custom stamps can help add a personal touch to the invites. Use a custom stamp to create a personal feel between you and your guests. This will help you save your time which can be used to accomplish other tasks.

Greeting cards

You must have received plethora of holiday greeting cards however all of them look the same. So this year strive to be a bit different and go a step further by adding a personal touch to your greeting card. You can even choose to get a custom stamp and address stamp designed for your family.

These were some of the interesting ways of using custom stamps. Do you use them for other purposes? Let us know in the comments below.

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