Stamps have a significant role in both our personal and professional lives because they make life easier. You will find uses for stamps in different kinds of business industries. You’ve probably encountered them in different forms, colors and sizes. Today we’re going to talk about round stamps and here are different kinds of popular round stamps that are being used

  1. Received Stamp. The received stamp is a simple yet effective way to receive and monitor documents in the office. It is also used to indicate if an invoice has been paid. Combined with a dater stamp, employees will know when a document has been received or when payment has been made.
  2. Address Stamp. Address stamps are important because it lets clients, as well as family and friends, know how they can contact you. It can be used on letter envelopes, calling cards, fliers and more. Self-inking address stamp is cost saving because you don’t have to print digitally every time. Plus it is a good gift idea for newly-weds and people that recently purchased a new home
  3. Logo Stamp. The company logo represents the identity of the company, which is why the more unique it is, the more memorable it will be for the clients. It can even look more professional if it is an embossing stamp. A logo stamp is a small investment that creates lasting impact on customers.
  4. Thank You Stamp. Not only can a thank you stamp be used in weddings and other occasions but it can also be used to create relationship with clients. It is a great way to show appreciation that they have chosen to order from you and have paid on time. It gives a personal touch without much effort.
  5. Custom Stamps for Loyalty Cards. We see loyalty cards being used by shops everywhere because it works. It promotes customers to come back and buy a product because they get something when the loyalty card gets filled out. You can customize the stamp designs to make it even more unique.


6.Personal Data Protection Stamp. This is a less expensive and quieter alternative to using paper shredders. It      has a special pattern that hides the information underneath. It can come in a roller stamp or traditional stamp             format

7.Self-lnking Stamp. Stamps make things faster because there’s no need to hand write documents. Self-inking rubber stamps help in making company employees more productive because it eliminates the need to press on an ink pad. It can make thousands of impressions without the need to re-ink; great for people who have a lot of signing and endorsing to do.

Uses for Round Stamps

As you can see there are many reason why stamps play a significant role in business and personal use. Round stamps are a popular choice when it comes to stamp designs because they are the perfect size for logos, signatures, endorsement and other uses.

Stamp stores offer many types of round shape stamps according to your needs. You can choose from traditional stamps with ink pads, pre-inked stamps, self-inking stamps and embossed stamps to meet your goal and your budget.


Here are some of the common designs and uses for round stamps:

  • check endorsement
  • Signature
  • inspection
  • daters
  • holiday themes
  • wedding invitations
  • name
  • address stamp

You can also choose between different easy-to-hold stamp handles like wood and metal. It even comes with a case that you can bring with you when you travel. Stamp pad inks come in different colors; they can be quick-drying and permanent. Quick-drying inks are for fast applications where you don’t have the time to wait for it to dry. Permanent inks are non-washable and are great for long-term solutions. The product choices are endless with advanced stamp technology available these days.

How to create a unique round signature stamp


Whatever it is that you’re doing, signature stamps do come in handy. Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom, a professional, a teacher or an administrative staff, a signature stamp saves you time and effort on a day-to-day basis. To create your very own signature steps, simply follow the steps below.

  1. First, you need to have an actual signature that you can scan and convert to an image. To do this, write your signature on a blank piece of white paper. Scribble it as you normally would on a document. Make sure to use the right pen, like a felt tip one. Fine tip pens have the tendency to smudge. Once you’re okay with the signature, scan the paper and then save it as an image file in your computer. You can crop the image so it only shows your signature. If you plan to make a number of signature stamps, it is best that you scan all the signatures in one paper.
  2. Visit the website of your stamp supplier. They usually have a page that is dedicated for designing stamps online. You simply have to choose the type of stamp you want and the size of the stamp.
  3. Stamp suppliers have various templates for stamp designing. For example, they have a template where you can add a logo, job title and address to your signature. You can also opt to choose their template or you can select “create your own” template.
  4. To upload your signature, just click “upload” in their page options. Select the scanned image of your signature from your computer files. Here you can also choose the ink color for your stamp.

Once you’ve completed these steps, proceed to checkout and payment and enter your shipping details. Your stamp supplier will deliver the stamp to you within a day or two and you’re ready to use it. It’s that easy.


There you have it. That’s the quick roundup of the uses of round rubber stamps including endorsement and signature stamps. I hope you liked this article. Have you had any experience using round rubber stamps? Which kinds do you own? Please share your experience with us in the comments section.

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