Stamps have long been offering help in putting different type on information on different documents. Specialty stamps are an easy and affordable way to mark documents. However, with the growth of stamps over the years, buying a stamp has now become an intimidating task considering the types of stamps that are available in the market. Unlike the old days, there specialized stamps available in the market for specific jobs. It is better to have a good understanding of different types of stamps before make any stamp purchase. Here we offer you a quick introduction of different types of stamps:

  • Self-inking stamps:

Self-inking stamps have reserves of ink which make stamping a quick process. The rubber plate of the stamp produces sufficient amount of ink to make the text visible each time you stamp on a surface. When the ink runs out, you can either replace the pad or re-ink the stamp.

  • Address Stamps:

These stems have an address engraved on them which appear on the surface every time your stamp. You can buy pre-inked or self-inking address stamps as per your need.

  • Signature Stamps:

Signature stamps bore the signature of an individual. They are time-saving and are often used in an office environment where the signing authority has to sign multiple papers in a day. The signature stamp comes in four different types- compact/pocket, traditional, initials, self-inking.

  • Endorsement Stamps:

Endorsement stamps are used to make the financial world easier. These stamps are used to quickly process endorsed checks and other documents.

  • Logo Stamp

Logo stamps have the logo of a business on it which is used by the business in correspondence,

  • Personalized Stamp

Personalized stamps are made on order. If you are looking for a special stamp that is not available at a stamp shop, you may ask the stamp maker to make it for you. These stamps can be made in any shape and you can add any information on them.

Stamps are an inevitable part of businesses and transactions. These are the different type of stamps that one dealing with stamps must know about, to bring ease and speed in the documentation.

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