Holidays are a great time to bond with your kids. At this time, your own inner childish feeling comes out when you start playing with them like a child. Playing with or making them engaged in games can be stressful when children don’t take an interest in the same due to boredom. With proper and advance planning for summer holidays or winter breaks, you can make children enjoy what they are doing and keep them away from wrong behaves.

Include your kids in planning and choosing the activities for their holidays. First of all, select a topic for the holiday’s activities. Suppose that you want to give priority to creativity boost in craft and allied things. You will have numerous ideas if you decide to use rubber stamps in fun activities for your kids. Here are some helpful ideas for your help:

1. Rubber stamping gift paper

Go to your nearest post office to have some brown paper on a roll. Besides, avail a stamp with amazing design; you can give priority to your choice. Ask your children to leave impressions on papers in random patterns or straight lines. With this project, your child will get familiarity with the rubber stamping-process and an opportunity to create your own way of wrapping paper. You don’t need to have specialist supplies. It is just giving a personal touch on gift papers.

2. Handmade party invitation cards

Is a child birthday celebration coming in the near future? Using a customised stamp is an excellent way to make birthday invites. All you need to collect are an ink pad, some coloured cards, and a personalised stamp. Encourage your kids to draw some designs rough papers and start doing on cards when they get perfection or decide to leave individual impressions.

3. Thanks giving cards

At the end of a holiday celebration, you typically provide a “Thank You Note” to all your guests.

You can utilise the time of your children’s long holiday, like summer vacations and winter breaks in the creation of thanks giving cards. With this, your kids will remain engaged and improve their creativity. Encourage your children to suggest messages for thanksgiving for the presents they received on their birthdays and celebrations. After being agreed on a specific message, get a custom rubber stamp for the same and buy some envelopes from the market. Ask your kids to leave impressions on papers and enclose them in envelopes after wrapping the same well.


Usually, children are busy in school and doing home works and other daily activities in the rest time. Holidays, especially a long one, are great times when you can engage them to learn something different that can help them boost their creativity apart from being engaged and having fun. With personalised stamps, you can engage your kids in creating party invites for their own birthdays, wrapping gift papers after stamping, and creating Thanksgiving cards. These activities will make them familiar with stamping art and boosting their creativity.

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