Have you ever tried out alternative uses for custom rubber stamps? If not, then this write-up is for you. The two things you will need for this project are your: (i) DIY hat and (ii) stamping tools. What you will need to do is take your custom rubber stamps that you use for creating envelopes/invitation cards and get your materials ready for the fun activity you want to do.

Here are some ideas of alternative uses for custom rubber stamps. With your custom stamping tool there are many things you can do for fun or to earn money.

1. Make Soap Bars at Home

In your daily life, you will find leftover soap bars throughout your home (washbasin, kitchen sink, bathroom rack, bathtub, and showers). So go ahead and collect those leftover soap bars wherever you find them. Place them in a metal bowl and then inside the microwave to melt them. 

Spray a non-stick cooking spray on the surface of any baking mold or mini-muffin pan of your choice. Pour the melted soap bars into the mold or pan and leave them for 8-12 hours to cool. After that, you can press a custom rubber stamp into every soap bar to leave an exceptional impression.

With the assortment of design, graphics, letters, and numbers, you can create a custom-made stamping tool to give a fascinating look to your soap bars. For example, by using a tree design stamp, you can add an earthy look to your home-made soap bars. A stamp with your company name and logo on soap bars is a great way to market your business.

2. Create Nail Polish D├ęcor

This is for the girls and women who love decorating their nails by laying various designs on them. With the use of custom made stamps, you can leave textured indents and floral impressions on your nails. 

For this, you can begin with the dried painted nails. You have options like reusing your crafting goods or buying designed nail materials. Instead of using regular inks and rubber stamps, you can go with specific ink and a custom-made rubber stamp to have eye-catchy designs on your nails.

3. Opt for Making Candles at Home

In the same manner that you can use leftover soap bars, any leftover candles you have on hand can be recycled to make a few new candles. From a local craft store, you can buy a set of 8-12 candle wicks. 

Collect the old candle stubs and put them in a heat-safe dish to place inside the microwave or on a gas/electric stove.  Heat the collected wax until they melt. As per your choice, pour the melted wax in recycled candle holders, glass jars, mason jars, or shot glasses.  Now you have new candles at home.

You can use custom stamps to decorate your handmade candles. With the use of tissue papers, you can transfer the stamped images to the candle surfaces. For better impressions, you can get rubber stamps with your desired designs.

4. Ice Cookies

Do you want to take your crafting hobbies into your kitchen? If yes, you can use custom rubber stamps to make a beautiful and tasty snack in your home pantry. Look around your home and collect the stamps that you used to make Christmas gifts or invitation cards.

Use one or more of them to stamp your snacks when they are heated and let them cool down after leaving your desired designs on them. You can use a heart-shaped stamp to make attractive gifts to present your love on Valentine Day.


Stamping is an excellent idea to have fun combined with integrating leftover wax or soap back into daily usable items at home. Customized rubber stamps offer attractive designs and images you can add to soap bars, candles, nail decors, and cookies for any personal or decorative purpose. A unique crafting experience while working on any of these ideas. Enjoy!

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