Kids have enormous energy, and sometimes it seems that they may bring home down if you can do nothing to let them have fun or keep them busy. As parents, most of you have a common issue: how to keep them engaged or entertained.

Going through the write-up will be beneficial for you if you are looking for ingenious tips to make your child stay engaged, especially in long holidays. Keep reading it till the end.

Turn an ordinary fan into a colourful one

Take out a wall, table, or ceiling fan, which is not in use at present. Make easy and safe access to it for your baby by unplugging it from electricity completely. Ask your child to paint the blades of this fan with different colours. Be always ready to guide your baby if he/she asks for the availability and selection of colours. After the completion of colouring work, install the fan and let your kid to on the switch. Your baby will be delighted to have a colourful fan.

Craft invitation and thanksgiving cards

You may have more than an occasion to celebrate in the forthcoming days. The occasion can be the birthday of your child, a festival, or something else. And no celebration is complete without inviting friends, relatives, and known people. So, consider what occasion is coming and start crafting cards for the same in advance. Make everything, like cards, custom rubber stamps, and colours available. After that, sit with your baby and start crafting invitation as well as thanksgiving cards. Ask your child to advise you something exciting or just follow what you are doing in crafting the cards for an upcoming family event.

Encourage your kid to write stories

Before making your child get in story writing, let him/her listen to or read a few storybooks. Command your baby to have serious reading or listening, as you will ask for the learning from a particular story at the end. You can ask your kid to initiate writing a story when you notice he/she is able to elaborate a story after listening to or reading it. Your baby will enjoy the fun in reading and writing stories.

Have a reading marathon

It is apparent that you can read faster in comparison with your child. However, have a reading marathon with your child to keep him/her engaged during weekends or long holidays. To encourage your baby read faster, slow down your reading speed sometimes and let him/her finish a part of a topic/story before you. With this, your child will have a victory feel and start loving to read interesting books in free time, leading him/her stay engaged.


How to have fun with your baby or how to let your kid stay entertained completely depends on you. Your creative thinking and making the resources available can help you a lot in keeping your child busy or having fun with him/her. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is having fun with your kid should be focused on learning things for a better future of your child.

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