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In today’s fast-paced world, we leave our children watching televisions or playing games on mobile phones for a longer period. You do it with your baby, as you want to have time for the execution of household and other works. In the beginning, you let your kid watch TV or play with a Smartphone to keep him/her busy. But later on, your child gets habituated of mobile or television and does nothing, even taking meals, without it.

You need to keep your baby away from these gadgets, as too much usage of the same can cause physical impairments, such as poor vision, headaches, and loss of interest in physical activities. Besides, the dependency on mobile phones and television can take a toll on your child’s imagination, trigger anxiety/depression, make intolerable to losses and decrease social interaction. You may have a query on how to reduce your baby’s time on Smartphone or TV. Here are some tips for your help:

1. Build interests in hobbies

By encouraging your child to activities, like dancing, artworks, puzzle-solving, and signing, you can keep him/her away from screens. To encourage an interest in a particular activity, you (mother, father, or both) need to participate in that activity. Suppose that you want to develop your kid’s interest in reading storybooks. You should place a reward after the completion of a storybook. Make the resources, like brushes, custom stamps, and colors available for him/her if you want to promote an interest in artworks. Engaging yourself in stamping things or drawing images can help you to build curiosity in your baby.

2. Spend time with your kid

Your baby is valuable to you. Go for walks and picnics with your baby. Have dinner at night with your son/daughter. By spending time with your kid, you have more interactions with him/her, and this gives you more opportunities to know him/her. And your baby has a confidence build-up and owing to which, he/she starts sharing his/her expressions with you. Your closeness will help you keep him/her away from screens.

3. Support and surround

You should avoid blaming your baby for watching television programs or playing games on a mobile phone. In spite of a complete prohibition of screens, reduce time gradually and take it to one to two hours a day. To make it effective, you too need to reduce time on television and ask your family members to have reduced time for TV and phones.

4. Engage your baby in light household works

Try to keep your baby not alone or have no feeling of loneliness. You can keep him/her busy with you. Ask your baby with you when you are doing household works. Request him/her to bring a light object from a particular place in your home if required. You can tell him/her to serve tea/coffee to family members.

5. Play with your baby

To keep your baby away from screens, encourage him/her in physical activities, like playing games. Start playing games with your child to build his/her interests in games. Ensure the availability of the required items, like balls, bats, rackets, and cocks.


Spending too much time on screens is harmful to your baby, as it might make him/her physically and psychologically impaired. Your child may have reduced interests in physical activities, vision loss, posture problems, thinking inability, and other issues. Start decreasing your child’s screen dependency by spending time with him/her, encouraging interests in hobbies, taking him/her for outings and playing games with him/her. Gradually, you will succeed in keeping your baby away from screens.

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