self inking stamps

Self-inking stamps use water-based ink. When you use a self-inking stamp, ink is transferred from an inner pad. These stamping tools are affordable and leave approximately 10,000 impressions before the requirement of a pad replacement or re-inking. With proper care and maintenance, these impression marking devices last for a more extended period.  

Here are a few reasons why you should use self-inking stamps:

1. Keep your impression clean

Clear stamping matters a lot for your purposes. You always want to leave clear and clean impressions of the address or signature in every business communication, especially paper-based communication. These impressions-leaving tools keep ink where it should be without a need for a messy stamp pad. With conventional stamping, you needed a designated resting point for your stamping tool in between impressions, as the tool pad had ink residue. In self-inking stamps, the ink comes to the stamp automatically when you start stamping a surface.

2. Save your money

Conventional stamping devices are available without a stamp pad. You have to purchase both the ink pad and the stamp separately. When your stamp pad goes dry, you have to buy a completely new pad. On the other hand, self-inking stamps are available with enough ink, enabling you to stamp thousands of times. Further, the replacement of ink is affordable and will be just like a whole new stamp.

3. Save space

Self-inking stamps are a self-contained set up that includes everything you need in a single pack. With this, there is no need for extra space to store your stamping device and pad separately. You can place the entire pack in one area without having the requirement of extra space. When you buy a traditional stamping device, you need a separate place for the stamp and the pad for their storage.

4. Value your time

With conventional stamping, you have to place your impression marking tool in the ink pad and then leave the impression mark on paper, envelopes, and other stationary surfaces. You can leave approximately 10 impressions per inking. While self-inking stamps ink themselves automatically after each impression and ensure that every impression looks perfect.

5. Always leave a perfect impression

With self-inking stamping, there is no waste, and you don’t need to think a lot about having clear impressions each time. Like other stamping methods, you don’t need to check the impression quality before you leave the impression on the original surface. With this feature, you save both paper and ink, which is excellent for our atmosphere. Whether you are using the self-inking stamps for the first time or you have used them several times earlier, you will get perfect impressions all the time.


Self-inking stamps are a very useful stamping device for everyone – amateur or experienced. They keep your impression clean and save your money and space, especially for storage. Further, they save you time since you get a perfect impression each time, even when you are using it thousands of times. You can use it for years with the utmost care and maintenance.

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