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Customer experience explains how successful a business is. Many studies have disclosed it that customers find another company or business partner when they are dissatisfied with a particular company. So, it is clear here that you need to offer the best experiences to your patrons whether you sell specific goods or services.

Here are some practical steps for your help:

1. Make a list of your patron touch points 

To know the touch points of your customers, track every interaction you had with them online or offline from the beginning. Have a close look at the content of your advertisement, social media, and referral via sale booking, inquiry, or post-sale follow up. Ensure the use of the most suitable, authentic, and relevant language, as each word in texts, images or infographics has a purpose. Stick to what you promised in your business promotions.

2. Activate what promotes or advocates your brand

Your existing customers’ feedback, product packaging, documentation, and allied things are the promoters of your business. Display your ratings if some of your patrons have given you 3-5 star ratings for your product or service quality. Show your brand name and logo in your product packaging or business documentation. You can use custom rubber stamps to mention your company address with name and logo on your product packs or in business papers. Apart from promoting your company and giving a personal touch, stamping speeds up your productivity and lower your packaging costs.

3. Enhance your communication with your patrons

People feel connected when they have constant communication with you. To communicate well, go beyond means like emails and phone calls. Be active on social networking sites and other chatting platforms to respond quickly to your buyers’ queries or assistance. If possible, try to give customer support services 24/7, as your patrons can have issues with your products any time on any day.

4. Encourage your patrons to disclose their experiences with you

Usually, everyone thinks he/she does best. In your business, you make your best to serve your shoppers well, and you think you are doing well. Here, you need to know what your customers think about you and your products/services. You can’t be familiar with how you are serving your patrons until they give their feedback on the use of your products. Encourage your buyers to place their real experience and what can make their experience better.

5. Add personal touches to every interaction

You need to be unique and set your company apart from your competitors. Personalization can help you a lot here. Whether you send text messages or emails, pack your goods or do documentation, give a personal touch to it. By accessing the history, you can easily know a birthday or marriage anniversary of your customers. Place a personal message in product packaging.


Improving your customer’s experience and satisfaction is crucial for you if you are serious about the expansion and want to excel in your business. From making a list of patron’s touch points to personalization and enhancing communication, do whatever you can do to make your customers satisfied with your products or service before and after purchase. Try to make your relationship with patrons last longer.

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