Rubber stamps are an extraordinary way to enhance the look of homemade cards and stationary or neat up your home decorations.

Inking your stamps with permanent or pigment inks, water-based markers, or the paint will give your work a unique look.

Using your rubber stamp to stamp an easy design, masked, or layered design can make your work look more attractive.

 Make sure you correctly clean and store your address stamp and inks to ensure they are always ready to use.

Here we are sharing the 5 different uses of using rubber stamps-

1.    Use on Fabric for Sewing Labels

We always trying to find hand-crafted finishing touches on our sewing labels, but can never find the perfect match label. Here is a fast fix with a few handmade rubber stamps!

2. Use on Cookies with Royal Icing

Calligraphy has been popular on wood signs, planners, and now even on cookies! Do not waste your energy in trying to learn calligraphy, just use a rubber stamp! You will be sure to influence or excite your close ones with this kitchen secret.

3. Use on Fabric for Homemade Place Mats

If you like to add a touch of nature to your home then recycle canvas fabric from previous designs and stamp a pattern using some fabric paint. This is a fast and simple way to switch up your table setting.

 4. Use to Design Handmade Soap

Everyone deserves to be pampered to their dear ones. So, surprise you’re loved with handpicked designs and they definitely appreciate both your work and choice.

 5. Use on Air Dry Clay

This is by far our best-loved use of rubber stamps outside of our routine paper crafts. Create bowls, small dishes, or coasters using your special ink and stamp pads. What will you make?

So, what rubber stamps will you choose?

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