Stamps have a rich history dating back over 9,000 years. The rubber stamp came on the scene around the 19th century after the vulcanization process was developed by Charles Goodyear.  Soon after, it was used by business enterprises for dating and pricing purposes.

Rubber stamps are usually associated with subdued administrative chores.  However, custom rubber stamps are surprisingly much more than that, and can be used for multiple purposes from improving your home business to creating crafts with your children.

Custom rubber stamps have multiple uses in day-to-day life which can make a distinction in the results you seek. If you are an eager-beaver to stamp your personal touch, they can be used for dozens of projects, beyond the typical use.

Here are the 6 ways you can use the rubber stamp:

  • Business Branding: Use a custom rubber stamp to personalize your packaging, which can successfully brand your products and give a fancy handmade feel to the product. From letterheads, labels to delivery notes, even your envelope is ideal access to branding.

    Getting everything printed for a SME business can cost you hundreds of pounds, whereas rubber stamps would not only save you money but it also puts your creative side forward. Also, using card loyalty stamps can help you encourage return and foster more loyalty for customers over time.

    Create your own business cards with a personalized and quirky rubber stamp that will give a consummate professional impression to your clients.
  • Address Stamps: Address stamps are the new trend followed by a variety of people including newlyweds, people with new addresses, and new families. Use the stamp for the return address, reply envelopes, thank you cards, and any other forms of letter you send.  Using customized address stamps reflects the real aesthetic.
  • Handmade Crafts: With custom made rubber stamps, you can design your own gift tags and labels for various occasions including Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays. Adults and kids both can use rubber stamps for making your own cards and delight your intended recipient.

    With simple or plain wrapping paper, adding various designs with rubber stamps easily creates uniquely themed wrapping paper at a low cost. To decorate trinkets, wooden boxes and old furnishings (such as lampshades) use custom rubber stamps to blow new life in them!
  • Educational Stamps: Educational stamps are now a thing now. They are quite handy and make the marking work easy. They work as a positive reinforcement to encourage students to work harder to earn that elusive customized and unique stamp. Stamps with images like coins, clocks, or the alphabet can help students learn more easily and joyfully.
  • Christmas Stamps: Handcrafted Christmas cards and invitation adds extra amount of warmth and shows your guests that you really care for them. Create beautiful and attractive cards with the help of custom rubber stamps.

    With Christmas image stamps, you can make distinctive gift tags with personalized messages for your friends and family. After the end of the festival, you would want to write thank-you notes. Save time and energy with a heartfelt thank you message rubber stamp.

Today, rubber stamps are used widely for business purposes. The growing trend in different industries is choosing to include rubber stamps in their business as more people become fascinated and familiar with the benefits of these stamps.

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