Custom rubber stamps are known for their versatility. Their extensive usage makes them one of the favourite office supplies of professionals belonging to the various business field. These custom rubber stamps have both professional as well as personal use. 

From art to marketing space, custom rubber stamps have been one of the most prominent products. There are a plethora of different types of custom stamps available in the market. 

However, when it comes to selecting custom stamps, there are certain factors that affect the decision of a buyer. In this piece of article, we will analyze these factors to understand how they help in making the right decision. 


The foremost factor is the purpose of buying the custom rubber stamp, which differs from person to person. Some people need a custom stamp for professional purpose, while others for personal. 

Marketers usually step out to the market to buy custom stamps to promote their brand. Usually, they end up buying either logo stamp or address stamp as they are heavily used for branding purposes. A rubber stamp imprinted with the business logo or business tagline works as a perfect advertising tool. 

Similarly, people often purchase custom stamps for art and craft purpose, especially students need custom-designed rubber stamps for their craft project. 

Besides, some officials or business professionals need custom rubber stamp to mark the date on the document. Rubber stamps inked with ‘paid’ or ‘unpaid’ are often widely used in offices, shops, or other workplaces. 

Furthermore, as Christmas approaches, some enthusiasts would want custom rubber stamps to create Christmas card, decorate Christmas trees, or to make gift wraps. There is wider use of custom rubber stamp, which gives way to a range of purposes. 


Speed is another factor that determines the decision of a buyer. If an individual constantly stamps document after document, then he will want to save time by choosing the rubber stamp that offers speed. One of such time-efficient rubber stamp is a self-inking stamp. 

As these stamps are designed to press into an ink pad automatically after every stamp use, you don’t need to carry additional separate ink pad. These types of stamps are re-inkable and refillable, and they come in varying colours. 

Moreover, this type of rubber stamp offers consistently even impressions. So, self-inking stamps are perfect for those who want quality impressions that are clean, easy, and fast. 

So, for buyers who need to stamp documents by the dozens, self-inking stamps are the aptest choice. However, if speed is not the issue, then buyers would want to look for cheaper alternatives like traditional rubber stamps 

Durability and Affordability

Longevity is also one of the significant factors that buyers count while choosing the custom rubber stamp. Some stamps may last forever, while others may not last even more than a few months. Such types of custom stamps that do not last longer are of low quality and come at a much cheaper price. 

Whereas, high-quality rubber stamps are capable of making an impression after impression for years. People who need a custom stamp for a longer period would pay more and buy a highly durable custom stamp.

Affordability plays a crucial role in the process of selecting the custom rubber stamp. If an individual has a low-budget and looking for cheaper stamps, then he/she would end up buying lower-quality stamps that may not offer durability. 

However, many people are today turning to online markets to buy custom rubber stamps as some online vendors are offering high-quality and durable custom rubber stamps at a reasonable price. 


So, the factors that affect the decision of buyers while selecting the right custom rubber stamp are the purpose, speed, durability, and affordability. These are the factors that affect the buyer behaviour and determine which type of custom rubber stamp an individual should purchase. 

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