Address labels are always useful to have on hand, especially when you are sending out emails in bulk at once through invitations but, if you get innovative, you can reuse these labels for many other practical uses.

So, let’s read some great ways to use address stamp other than on an envelope.

Gift Tags

By using an address label on any of your gift tags, the recipient can simply identify who the gift is from and moreover, having the gift giver’s address handy makes it really useful for them to send a thank you card.

Items You Supply Out

Put extra address labels aside to use on products you supply to others like tools or laptops so you will increase your possibilities of your goods being returned. It’s also a great plan to label your plates, platters and anything else you will require back when bringing them to events or functions.


Use white address ink labels for documentation work to save yourself the time of writing out your full name and address on any forms you fill out repeatedly or when document work is in bulk and requiring this data.


This is especially an excellent use of address labels for book lovers. Mark a label inside the cover of your books so that, if you happen to miss your favorite topic you were in the middle of reading, there will be a possibility of making its way back to you safe and sound.

Travel ID or Luggage Tags

Use address labels to tag your luggage and any significant goods you are traveling with, such as an iPad or DSLR camera. If you by mistake leave one of these items on the airplane or train, and it ends up in the hands of an honest individual, then easily the chances of returns are possible with the help of address stamp.

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