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A custom rubber stamp is the best stationary item to use in the operation of a business or in personal life. With it, you can easily make business cards, letterheads, and packaging bags and leave your signatory marks on documents, addresses on envelopes, and other purposes in your business operation. For personal life, you can make invitation/thanksgiving cards and posters with decorative or inspirational marks.

Whatever the purpose of using a stamp in business or personal life, you always desire to leave the marks well on envelopes or any surfaces you will use. You want that the marks/impressions you leave on any surface should be clearly visible and leave the message you want to deliver to your audience/associated persons. Here are some practical steps that can assist you in leaving the best impressions:

Clean your stamp

First of all, you should clean the stamp before you start using it for your stamping purpose. The space between letters, numbers, or graphics may have the fiber of the paper or any surface on which you stamped earlier. Gradually, this fiber collection will be more that can stop your rubber stamp from leaving clear impressions on any surface. You need to get rid of such a collection before your stamping work each time.

For cleaning the stamp, you can use your old soft toothbrush. Avoid wetting the brush with water. Use it dry on the surface of your stamp. With a few gentle flicks with your toothbrush, you can easily remove the collected fiber, dirt and dust. After this, your stamping device will be as good as it was in the initial days.

Check the inkpad

Have a close look at the ink pad you bought with your stamp and try to find whether it has ink or not. Doing this before each stamping job is crucial for you, especially when you haven’t used it for a more extended period. Fill the pad with ink if you notice it is dry, or it has no ink to facilitate you in your stamping job. While filling it, ensure that you are using the right ink.

Do a demo before original stamping jobs

In the operation of your business, you have to be careful and take wise decisions all the time. Any mistake made unwillingly can ruin your brand image. To stay safe, you should do a demo before you start working on the original one, especially when you are doing it for the first time.

The same thing applies to the stamping jobs. Before you start leaving impressions on the original document, letterheads, bags, or any valuable surface, you should practice stamping on the similar surface. Your practice will enhance your confidence and the way of doing your stamping job. As a result, you will be able to leave impressions well.

Start your stamping job

You need to be gentle with your stamping tool and surface on which you will leave marks/texts/images. Avoid pressing too hard on the stamp pad, as too much pressing can cause having too much ink on your mark leaving tool and result fuzzy images or leave ink on other areas. Further, you need to avoid pressing the stamp too much on the surface on which you have to leave impressions. Being gentle to the pad, device, and surface will help you leave great impressions/graphics.


Stamping is a little tricky job and requires you to be careful if you are determined to leave the best impressions. Take every step, whether it is cleaning of the stamping tool, checking the ink pad, practicing, or starting the original stamping job, very carefully. Your carefulness and appropriate action will help you get your desired results in your stamping job.

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