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In any industry, your business logo is a primary identity mark, which helps people set apart from others in this highly competitive market and provides a unique personality to your business. Many of you spend a lot on getting an exclusive logo so that you can use it for several years, and your logo is used on website, business cards, letterheads, email signatures, and retail bags.

While getting an identity mark for your business, you want to provide a cohesive and unified look to disclose what you do in your business. Sometimes spreading your business logo across channels for customer recognition, termed as branding, may be expensive for you. You can make your branding affordable and inexpensive for you by having a custom logo stamp.

Here is what you can do with your custom stamp for your business logo

  • Make your own business cards. A stamp with your business identity mark and contact details on standard card size paper can help you save thousands of dollars that you could spend on online branding.
  • With a personalized stamp for your business, you can do packaging yourself. You can avoid getting your packaging printed. You can stamp your company icon on flat boxes, paper bags, receipts, and tissue papers to avoid packaging printing costs.
  • Create your own stationary and letterheads by using your personalized stamp for company logo.

Steps for getting the right personalized stamp for your company mark

Custom stamps for your business identity mark may be available with wood handle and in pre-inked/self-inking versions and different shapes & sizes. To get the right one, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Keep your artwork black & white and avoid the one in gray or with gradients.
  • Email the artwork in formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG, PSD, EPS, TIFF, and AI.
  • Try to send original artwork. However, a professional provider’s laser can catch every detail associated with your logo.
  • Keep the file size up to 8 MB.
  • Decide the right materials to be used in your stamp. The materials can be wood, rubber, steel, or a combination of rubber with a hard metal. Try to select a wood handled stamp, which comes with a Trodat ink pad if you will be stamping on papers. Choosing the material as per your stamping requirements will be beneficial for you.
  • Select the right version – self-inking or pre-inked.
  • Evaluate your company icon again before placing your order finally.


A custom logo stamp is an essential office stationary, which can help you branding your business at a lower cost. With it, you can make your own business card, packaging bag, letterhead to spread your company name and trade. To get the best one, you should make everything, like material and inking option and evaluate your company logo before placing your order to any professional stamp shop.

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