The ongoing outbreak of Covid-19 has affected all of us. And students, especially young ones, are forced to stay indoors and study at home, as most of the schools across the United States of America have closed their doors to prevent the spread of this novel coronavirus.

On one hand, you, as the parents, are happy to have children in your shelter, but on the other hand, most of you are under the pressure of how to assist your children in their home studies. Here are a few tips that can help you be a good teacher for your child:

Make A Schedule

In the current scenario, you are doing your job remotely. You need to maintain normalcy while you work from home as you did when working in your office or workplace. Similarly, your kids need the same routine and regularity in their studies. As parents, you can help your kids stay on schedule to:

  • Stick to morning routines where your child gets out of bed like on a normal school day
  • Arrange that your kids get dressed in their school outfits
  • Serve your children a healthy breakfast
  • Set an alarm to let your kids know the start of their school day

Make a Room as the Classroom of the Home School

Usually, young students aren’t ready to get into the learning mode if they are in their casual dress. Create a school-like environment for your child. To this end, what you can do is:

  • Convert a higher surface like a school desk, like the dining table 
  • Keep every learning material, like books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc. in your child’s reach
  • Provide individual seats for you and your children. Designate all the requisite seats with temporary markers
  • Hang a whiteboard or chalkboard in the designated learning area
  • Make a list of assignments
  • Utilize a reward system for your children (like using a custom rubber stamp)
  • Create a teacher’s place for yourself and equip it with a red pen, desk plate, and other teacher accessories

Take Breaks

Make home learning fun for your kids. You don’t want them to get bored or lose interest in their studies. Schedule regular breaks, snack time breaks, and nap time for your kids if they are preschool age. Take breaks every 30 minutes so they can go on the balcony or in your home garden for fresh air. Set up a snack station, too, so they can have refreshments.

Devote an Appropriate Time for Each Subject

Based on the level of your kids, you should divide the study time out according to the number of subjects. For example, for your preschool or primary school child take a look at the school syllabus to know what they are learning. 

Schedule at least one hour for each subject. You can set an alarm on your smartphone that goes off at the end of each class just like in school.  When switching subjects, give enough time to allow your child to get refreshed and be prepared for the next learning session.

Follow the Guidelines of your Child’s School Administration or Local Education Body

Under this particularly unique situation, every school in the USA is instructed to provide guidance so parents will know what the children require during their home learning. Pay attention to what the school teachers are communicating (via email, Zoom, etc.) so you can help your children in their studies according to the teachers’ instructions.


The homeschool studying dynamic is completely different compared to what it was like only 2-3 months ago. Parents are taking up the primary role of teachers for their kids in the current home school environment and guiding them in their studies. 

Assist your children in their homeschool studies by following the same routine and creating a dedicated classroom arrangement for them. Keep school district instructions in mind while instructing your kids.

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