Getting your hands on personalized address stamp allows a businesses or an individual to establish their brand as well as add a touch of professionalism to the documents. However customization is not only limited to the design alone as every aspect of the stamp can be customized according to your requirement.


Here are few factors that must be considered to pick the right ink combination for your address stamps.

Drying rate

As a beginner with stamps, make sure to pick up ink that has faster drying rates. This will keep smudging to the minimum. Some of the fast drying ink includes chalk blended ink, dye based ink, permanent ink and solvent based ink.

However make sure you know that different materials can affect the drying rate. For instance while permanent ink dry fastest if they are used on non-porous surfaces, the drying rate can last between 3 to 4 minute.


When you are using customized stamps on legal documents, make sure the stamped design lasts for a long time without fading. Certain ink such as permanent ink and archival ink are highly recommended as they possess the ability to resist fading away. Certain inks like blended inks can act as permanent inks too, as long as they are heat set.


Custom stamps are often designed with intricate craving and simple shapes. Thus it can be a tedious and difficult task to clean the stamps, right? There are certain inks such as blended ink and dye ink that can easily be cleaned with water. However other types of ink such as pigmented ink or permanent ink can be cleaned with the help of professional rubber stamp cleaners.

Material used

Certain inks can have different effects on the material used as well. Thus, clients are advised to take the material used into consideration before selecting the ink. Dye inks are mostly suited for paper while permanent ink is appropriate for a wide range of surfaces including glass. Blended ink is suited for not only paper, but also fabric, shrink plastic and more whereas pigment ink can be used for polymer clay.

Finally if you are using address stamps on legal documents, make sure the ink being used is waterproof as they have long lasting quality protection. While pigmented inks and permanent ink are waterproof, dye inks are water soluble. So make the choice wisely.

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