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If your child’s birthday is around the corner and you still cannot decide what you should gift to your child, then leave the pressure on us! 

Every parent wants to gift a responsible item to their growing child that not only brings a smile to their child’s face but also teaches them something valuable or helps to enhance their skills.

Well, if you are also looking for such gift ideas for your child, then you are in the right place. Take a look at our list of unique and educational gift ideas that satisfies your needs.

Event tickets

If you want your child to get inspired while enjoying, then event tickets make a perfect choice. You can buy the ticket for various social, musical, cultural, athletic, educational, or arts-related events for your growing child.

You can choose the event that interests your child the most. For example, if your child has an inclination towards music, then you can get a ticket for any musical event happening around you. Or, if you want your child to acquire any knowledge, then you can opt for any educational event.

Custom Stamps

It may have not crossed your mind but custom stamps make the right educational gift choice for your growing kids because it helps them to improve their creative and imaginative skills. In fact, custom stamps can play an instrumental role in the early childhood development phase. It will be a fun gift for your child’s scrapbooks and craft projects.

Besides helping your child in art projects, custom stamps allow your child to communicate visually. It can help to sharpen the brain of your child. Custom stamps will encourage your child to indulge in some creative and fun-filled activities that can develop your child’s artistic skills.

Piggy Banks

What can be a better way to teach your child about the value of money? Piggy banks will make your child learn the importance of savings. Moreover, it will also teach your child to be financially independent. It is the right age and the right gift to make your child understand how savings can help an individual for achieving future goals. 

Furthermore, you can also give a ‘How to save money’ checklist along with the piggy bank. Piggy banks come in various shapes and styles. A colourful piggy bank in your child’s favourite animal shape would be an exciting gift for your child.

Board Games

There are so many board games out there, such as snakes and ladders, monopoly, ludo, sequence, puzzles, chess, and more. These board games are not only enjoyable but also teaches some significant lessons to your child. It is the best present to make your child learn how to be competitive, patient, and fair, and how to work in a team.

Besides, board games will also help to improve the coordination and problem-solving skills of your child. Moreover, your child will play and enjoy in the safe environment of your home.

So, these are some gift ideas that your child will surely love. And these ideas also serve your motive to teach your child some indispensable life lessons. So, get them right away!

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