Rubber stamps have evolved a lot. Once used as address stamp, nowadays it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Here are 5 decorative themed rubber stamp designs that you can choose for your stamps.



Background stamps often consist of decorative elements such as frames, abstract design, grids and swirls. If you are looking forward to add an element of interest such as including your corporate branding, these rubber stamps can do the job perfectly. For instance you can add design with the address.


The occasion style rubber stamps are true to their name. They easily fit all sort of occasions. You can easily get your hands on birthday stamps, holiday stamps, or get them customized according to your requirements. Occasion rubber stamps can add a touch of personal sentimentality thereby improving relations.


These stamps can even be used as address stamp. They are useful for stamping on important official documents link invoice. Alphabet stamps can also be used to keep a track of different customer price codes so that accounting can be done much more easily with these in mind. These stamps offer a safe way to pass on the message as customers won’t be able to decode the codes.

Abstract shapes

Abstract stamps are not only pleasing rather they help you to convey your message in a better manner. These stamps can either be used to organize your personal work structure or add color to it. They help to communicate the message in a precise manner.


You may be using address stamps for your business, how about getting your hands on direction rubber stamps? These are rubber stamps that focus on direction and often come in the form of arrows and other universally recognized signs.

These rubber stamp types are not only visually engaging, they can also be useful when it comes to leaving visual cues on your product packaging and other areas where instructions are needed, thus simplifying the whole process.

These were different kind of decorative rubber stamps which can be used along with address stamp to make sure your business come across as a professional one.

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